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Patterns exist throughout the universe. Even seemingly chaotic systems reveal patterns normally hidden by masses of data. Although management may ‘gut-feel’ that certain correlations and relationships exist in the data with which they deal, it is difficult for them to prove these relationships.

Consumer Pattern Recognition (ConPreg) integrates Predictive Statistics, Consumer Behaviour and Information Systems. Using well researched models and algorithms, Pattern Recognition can answer important business questions such as:

Pattern recognition uncovers patterns in how each customer behaves. Factors such as -

go towards creating a pattern for an individual customer - and for customers just like him (the segment). This pattern is as unique as a fingerprint. Whether the customer is making a calls on your cellular network, Using your credit card, purchasing your groceries or buying your steel, he/she is uniquely identified by this pattern.

Having identified the pattern, we can now predict the customer’s behaviour. Behaviour prediction will help the organisation to develop a high-touch, personal relationship with the customer. For example, a Consumer Pattern Recognition System can be used as a cornerstone of an effective database marketing system.

We provide the know-how to either integrate pattern recognition algorithms into existing information systems or to supply stand-alone information systems. Pattern Recognition systems can be integrated within most business systems such as Triton, SAP R/2 & R/3 etc..

Applications & Benefits

A pattern recognition system may be productively used by many functions within an organisation. They include:

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Pattern Recognition is a truly multidisciplinary field. If you want to research further, TRY OUR LINKS or use a search engine (Alta Vista, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek etc.) to look for any of the following topics: Chaos Theory, Complexity Theory, Non-Linear Systems, Complex Systems, Systems Theory, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Psychology, General Systems Theory, Customer Segmentation, Predictive Psychology, Data Mining, Morphic Field Theory, Pattern Recognition, Forecasting, Fluctuations, Game Theory, Command Control Systems (normally associated with military applications) or C4I, Environmental Scanning, Psychographics, Siftware (data mining software used to extract information from databases). Or you can e-mail us at

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Software Systems from MIT GmbH in Germany We use and support these software systems extensively in our work


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