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Issue Management


“Issue Management” means influencing public policy. To get the government and the public to see things in the way which you would like them to be seen. To get your point of view across. Issue Managers work in government affairs, legal affairs, public affairs and regulatory compliance.

I have assisted Organisations to build programs by being knowledgeble about my clients and issues, as well as being hands-on and creative. The services I offer include creating frameworks for complete issue management systems including:

Issue Intelligence

  • Emerging Issue Identification & Classification
  • Compliance Monitoring

Project Management

Retaining and Managing lobbyists

  • Networking

Groups / Hub Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policymaking and Lobbying
  • Model Legislation
  • Friendraising
  • Fundraising
  • Issue Monitoring

Grassroots and Grasstops

Training Executives in issue management and government relations

Developing And Managing Government Relations Programs

Online advocacy