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Lecturing Topics
Issue Management

I offer various services geared towards the transformation of both the individual and the organisation. However, most of my activities are oriented towards organisational transformation.


  • I'm an experienced lecturer and have done many in-company presentations as well as University lecturing at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This short overview will give you an idea of what courses and presentations I have. I'm also able to develop custom courses for presentation.
  • I have presented courses on Leadership and also do one-on-one coaching of Leaders. I also undertake succession planning with various clients.
  • Issue Management focuses on strategies that may be used by organisations to get their message across. “Issue Management” simply means influencing public policy. To get the government and the public to see things in the way which you would like them to be seen. To get your point of view across.
  • Simulation models are designed to help policy makers, stakeholders, NGOs, researchers, and others to look at possible future development paths which are based on alternative and various development assumptions.
  • Coaching and Mentoring are some of the most effective tools for learning and developing people in organisations. I have an overview of these processes here.
  • Metathinking is a method of employing the logical, rational, left side of the brain, which when combined with the intuitive, creative, right side of the brain, enables one to empower their brains fully and behave "gifted".
  • I can put the colour and excitement back into your Organisation. I can release the magic & enthusiam that was always there, but untapped. I can make your people live in their power.