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bullet2 2005

bullet3 The U.S. ends up "going it alone."

  • New Cold War / continually shifting alliances and an Islamic bloc.

bullet3 1st World tied up in the old system.

  • With fewer resources, the West/industrialized world builds a wall around itself
  • Political gridlock and economic turbulence.
  • Old institutions like NATO and IMF still exist, but have less power.

bullet3 3rd world has more freedom and shift alliances at will.

  • Increasing fluidity.
  • Economy continues to depend on underground goods like Opium, Cocaine & Hashish
  • Third world countries form their own coalition la NATO and go to where the money is.

bullet3 Refugees move around locally.

  • International travel is more difficult.

bullet3 Standard banking system and financial systems at war

  • Black economy and the underground financial system gets stronger.