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bullet2 2005

bullet3 WWIII Islamic nations declare war on U.S.

bullet3 Vietnam II. Long, drawn-out, endless military morass.

  • Coalitions break down
  • Drain on economy
  • Attacks in US and EU continue
  • Rogue states -- Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia

bullet3 Only businesses that sell necessities rise.

  • Business selling Luxuries in decline

bullet3 50% of the population works for military contractors or government-run companies.

bullet3 You need ID at all times in the U.S

bullet3 People in U.S. respond by moving away from cities, to settle in rural (safer) areas

bullet3 Having liquid assets is fundamental to success.

bullet3 Walled Cities and Regions

  • Singapore, London, NY, Washington wall themselves off
  • International travel in increasingly difficult, especially with the threat of biological warfare