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Ana Robles website : Nlp & Multiple Intelligences in education.

Andy Bradbury's website : Nlp book reviews and more links.

Anglo-American Book Co. : A wide stock of Nlp books to order.

Carlos Dorado's Website  : Learning Strategies (in the Catalan language)

Greg Wormald : Counselling, training, consulting.

Joan McKenna's Website : Metaphors and tales to stimulate understanding.

Joseph O'Connor's Website : Creative patterns

LifesUnlimited - Dr David McDermot's NLP site

Mastery InSight Institute of NLP(tm)

Nlp Encyclopedia A systematic guide to Nlp by Robert Dilts.

Nlp in Education Network : Applications of Nlp to an educational context.

Nlp Information

Nlp Platform A multiple resource site.

Robert Dilts' Website : A variety of Nlp patterns & articles

Rosenthal : Link to the famous research done by him on the effect

teachers' beliefs have on pupils.

Inntal Institute : Nlp in Education/Business (in German).