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"NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence, whether it is applied to business, law, medicine or therapy." Psychology Today

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming has a number of definitions. I view NLP as a study about how people communicate to themselves (Internal Dialogues) and with others.  NLP should be used to produce positive states in oneself and positive associations with others to generate results in harmony with the highest good.

The state we are in and how we are determines our perceived choices, behaviors, and our experience.  Resourceful states and positive associations with others are the building blocks for success for any endeavor. 

  • Neuro - how our neurology affects our emotions. 
  • Linguistic - refers to how powerful language is in affecting our neural representations
  • Programming - refers to the ability to discover and utilize more efficiently our patterns of thought and behaviors. 

Learning and incorporating the presuppositions, attitudes and tools of NLP will enable you to know what is important. It is about getting into rapport with yourself and others so that you can experience life in ways which delight you (and others) while achieving your outcomes.