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Barrett Bag - Protection from Bombs

The Barrett Bag offers up to 90% protection from injury and damage when placed over a bomb. It is made from a reinforced, rubberised material filled with a fire retardant liquid which absorbs the blast and shrapnel of the bomb, and quenches the fireball. The product is patented worldwide.***

How does it work? The size of a large pillow, weighing about 30lbs (16 kilos), The Barrett Bag can be placed over any suspicious-looking parcel.

Who should have one? The Barrett Bag should form an integral part of any Security Operation in charge of airports, shopping malls, hotels, sports stadiums, parking garages - any place that could be a terrorist target. The bag is packed in a sturdy metal case which can be fixed to a wall for easy access. It can either be a fixed feature, or used on an ad hoc basis, as when a pop concert is being held in a park, for instance. An analysis of what terrorists have done in the past is also useful in predicting where they might strike next.

How do I know the claims are true? The Barrett Bag has been scientifically tested and proven in live incidents in South Africa.

Special protection against hand grenades A smaller size is also available which can be placed over a hand grenade that is thrown into a vehicle. It is of particular value to police, troops, or peace-keeping forces having to enter potentially dangerous situations.

Where can I get it? The Barrett Bag and Barrett Grenade Bag are manufactured in South Africa and under licence in the United Kingdom.

To order, contact Barrett Bag Marketing, P.O.Box 2867, Randburg, 2125, South Africa. Tel +27 11 789-1416 Fax 789-5036 Or you can e-mail us at

Bomb Types

The Barrett bag can be used to reduce blast damage to negligible levels of :

In all instances, it is the blast effect that kills and destroys when the bomb explodes. Temperatures of the fireball could reach 3000 degrees celsius. More importantly, the blast effect, caused by the velocity of detonation (VOD) of limpet mines and larger explosive devices, reaches incredible speeds and forces of destruction - 9 times faster than a rifle bullet. It breaks up objects in its path, turning them into shrapnel, and it is this shrapnel that kills, shreds and destroys.

The Barrett Bag - Proven in the Field

  1. Barrett Bag placed over limpet mine concealed under a Black Jack table at a casino. The bomb went off. Nobody injured. Not even the table was damaged. After sweeping and drying out, casino back in operation the next day.
  2. Barrett Bag placed over bomb which was removed to an intersection in the city of Johannesburg. No injuries. No damage, except for minimal scarring of road surface directly under bomb.

Terrorist Targets

The following is a factor analysis of terrorist targets for the last 5 years. It is reasonable to beleive that terrorists will attack similar targets in the future:

  • US Government Facilities
  • Diary of Terror

  • US
  • Spain
  • UK / Ireland
  • Corsica
  • Germany
  • Algeria
  • Asian Sub-Continent
  • 25 December 1996 Dimapur, India -- An Indian politician's wife, daughter and grandson were killed in a car bombing Wednesday after attending Christmas services.
  • Eastern Europe
  • South Africa
  • South America

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